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Evolving along with our clients - Jand Mfg

Over the years, Jand Manufacturing has been dedicated to fulfilling the needs of our clients in which has tested our need to react, invest and evolve.  Our vision has become to plan for the present and invest for the future with equipment, technology and trained staff to meet and surpass all client expectations. Being a great service provider means clients have complete and total confidence in us providing those services, and we as an organization are proud to deliver on that trust.

With a focus on personalized service, extremely competitive rates and proven track record of customer satisfaction;  we are always striving to meet and exceed our clients’ high standards and expectations. We continue to evolve as our customers evolve and demand the best of us. 

We LEAD by example: Our workmanship and  product quality are our line card

Learn - We learn from our clients needs and wants

Evolve We evolve by investing in new equipment, upgrading and training

Aim - We aim at satisfying our clients expectations 

Deliver - We deliver on our promise of quality, values and ethics 

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