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About Us

Jand Manufacturing was started in 2011, since we started the company, quality has always been a major theme among employees and leaders alike. We have adapted to meet our customers needs and have grown from each new challenge. Our company is run by a leader with over 20 years of experience in the field who has a strong grasp on efficiency and high quality production. We are now located just outside of London, Ontario.

Screw Machining

We operate Davenports ,Acme Gridleys and single spindle screw machines. The davenports can produce parts with a maximum diameter of 7/8” and a maximum length up to 4”. The Acme Gridley can handle a diameter of up to 2” and a length of up to 9”. The single spindles can handle diameter up to 1/2” and length up to 13”. We can machine bars of any shape and size including hexagonal, square, round bars and tubing.

CNC Machining

Jand Manufacturing operates CNC lathes and they can handle parts of up to 2 ½” in diameter. We also operate Citizen Swiss screw machines which can handle a diameter of up to 5/8” and a length of up to 6”. We use CNC Milling Machines with a table of size of 48” by 36”.

Centreless Grinding

We utilize Centreless Grinders that have a capacity of 1/16 ” to 1 ½.